GoDaddy and Bar Refaeli Superbowl Ad: Fail or Success?

There I was, enjoying a certain football game with my family last night; Tweeting and munching on snacks when along came the GoDaddy Superbowl ad featuring Bar Refaeli and Geek Boy. I almost tossed my cookies. I get that GoDaddy tries to market heir brand using sexy women and shock value. I do. However, the ad that ran featuring Bar and Geek Boy making out was so bad that it made me gag. The close up of the make-out sesh and sounds of saliva being swapped was amplified to the point where it was simply disgusting. Being a fan of 50 Shades of Grey, I enjoy a little sexy in my programming. That commercial was not sexy. It was gross and it had nothing to do with who Bar was kissing.

GoDaddy FAIL or Success?

GoDaddy FAIL or Success?

I’m sparing you the video because I care about preserving your appetite. You’re welcome.

I believe that the majority of America agrees with me. In fact, I know that they did. Brandwatch did a report on the sentiment of viewers toward each brand. The picture below, (although crappy in quality,) shows that of those who did express an opinion on Twitter about GoDaddy’s ads, 8% held a negative one, as opposed to only 4% who felt positively about the brand’s ads. Twice as many. That’s a lot. In fact, I’d say it means that GoDaddy’s attempt at winning the popularity contest for #adBowl on Twitter was a big fat FAIL. Or was it?

Twitter Reaction To GoDaddy Ad

Twitter Reaction To GoDaddy Ad


There is a positive in all of this, however, GoDaddy learned that there is a fine  line between “Ohhhhhh” and “Ewwwww” and now they know where that line is drawn so that they will not cross over it next time. Or maybe they will. Was the commercial a success in grossing people out to the point where it is like a train wreck? Are they enjoying a spike in business and sales because of their disgusting ad?

And here is where I diverge for a moment:

By the way, GoDaddy, you may want to consider a 50 Shades of Grey ad for the ladies. We social media moms like buying domains just as much as we like buying shoes and cosmetics. Where’s the beef? And if I may add my opinion about GoDaddy as a hosting site, it sucks, No amount of Bar Refaeli or Christian Grey is going to make me use them for hosting.

Back to the question at hand:

Did GoDaddy make a huge mistake or did they succeed in what they set out to do and will it lead to increased sales? Let me know what you think in the comment section. I’m off to go distract myself now in order to get the commercial our of my head so that I can enjoy the food that I was unable to last night. Have a great Monday!


  1. I too was grossed out by the ad, but I think they succeeded with it. Anything that has people talking the next day creates a buzz and gets their name stuck in people’s heads. When someone needs to buy a domain they may have forgotten the eeeewww factor and just remember that goDaddy site is a place you can buy them…

  2. While the slurping was a little gross I kind of found it comical, mainly because how grossed out people are over it. And I agree with Daria, they’ve gotten their names stuck in people heads and once you do that they have succeeded.

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