Social Media Moms To Attend The Type A Conference

type-a parent conference


 We will be there! 


In all our glory, will we be at the TypeA Conference next week in Charlotte, NC. Amy Bradley Hole, Lisa Frame, myself and many other Founding Mothers of the Social Media Moms will be in full force. We will be dancing, we will be dining, we will be throwing up hashtag symbols at any given moment. This is what we do at conferences, but especially at the TypeAConference. TypeACon is our home away from home. We get to hang out everyday on FB, sending virtual hugs, offering support, exchanging biz advice and being silly. This is when we got to do it in person, which is a HUGE deal for us.

 What To Expect From Us 

Please excuse our giddy hugging, hashtag signing and general silliness. We cannot help it. It is what people do at family reunions (kind of.) We promise to be respectful of the speakers (mainly because most of them are our SMM sisters,) and act in a manner that would do Kelby proud. We vow not to be clique-ish or snobbish. We love meeting new people and everyone is welcome to chill with us in the lobby. We give our word to be serious when it is called for. We will make our best effort to connect with every brand there. We will network, tweet, Instagram, etc…our butts off because it’s just what we do.
Just please understand that our sisters are going to be there and we only have a few days to make good on our promises to each other…however ridiculous and inappropriate they may be. And? Feel free to join in the revelry!

 Social Media Moms Who Are Speaking: 
  •  Kelby Carr
  • Kelly Whalen
  • Heather Solos
  • Aliza Sherman
  • Angela England
  • Vanessa Druckman
  • Lynette Young
  • Anissa Mayhew
  • Danielle Liss
  • Julie Pron
  • Melanie Nelson
  • Jessica Rosenberg
  • Grace Duffy
  • Melissa Culbertson
  • Emily Vanek
  • Jennifer Bullock
  • Cecily Kellogg
  • Caitlin Madden
  • Sarah Pinnix


 Other #SMMoms Members Bringing The Awesome 
  • Lisa Frame~ UbiSoft Dance Off Coordinator
  • Megan Crume~ Mom Market Coordinator
  • Leticia Barr~ Closing Party MC
  • Amy Bradley Hole
  • Kadi Prescott
  • Amanda Henson
  • Rajean Blomquist
  • Carissa Rogers
  • Robin Plemmons
  • Amelia Keith
  • Lee Reyes-Fournier
  • Becca Bernstein
  • Robin Elton
  • Jessica Cohen
  • Jessica Lieb
  • Elena Sonnino
  • Erin Lane
  • Andrea Updyke
  • Lolli Franklin
  • Lisa Douglas
  • Kelly Kinkaid
  • Jacqui Stewart
  • Amy Hodges
  • Dresden Shumaker
  • Dwan Perrin
  • Tara Ziegmont
  • Amy Tucker
 How will you know us? 
Wherever you see this…
There we will be. Just like superheros…but without the capes and spandex (mostly.)
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  1. I’ll be there, too! Can’t wait to see all of you!

  2. I’ll be there too! Can’t wait to see everyone!

  3. I will be there in spirit.

  4. Can’t wait to see you all!!!! So many are coming!

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