Excuse Our Dust

For the next month, Social Media Moms is undergoing changes. We are restructuring our groups, admitting new members and re-opening in October, 2013. If you wish to apply to become a Social Media Moms member, you can apply now: Loading…

Ten Proud Blogger Moments

Some days, us *ancient bloggers get discouraged and weary. Sometimes we question our reasons for sticking around in an industry that gets frequently bashed, has no universally recognized standard of pay and is overcrowded with people who conduct themselves in a less than professional manner. We have seen a lot and I mean A LOT […]

Social Media: Knowledge Versus Wisdom

Teens And Social Media

My oldest daughter and I keep a journal of sorts. We use it to write letters to each other. Being fourteen has a lot of challenges, as does being a mother of a fourteen year old. The journal helps us communicate in a way that verbal conversations often hinder. Instead of arguing and cutting each […]

Social Media: Why You Need Google Plus

Google Plus

With so many social platforms to broadcast our message and share our content on, it becomes a  mammoth task to find enough time in the day to utilize them all. The key to successfully using social media marketing tools is to figure out which ones work the best for your objectives and then focus on […]

GoDaddy and Bar Refaeli Superbowl Ad: Fail or Success?

fail or success

There I was, enjoying a certain football game with my family last night; Tweeting and munching on snacks when along came the GoDaddy Superbowl ad featuring Bar Refaeli and Geek Boy. I almost tossed my cookies. I get that GoDaddy tries to market heir brand using sexy women and shock value. I do. However, the […]



Dear friends, Today I’m sharing an excerpt from an essay that I wrote for a job position. Although it was not intended to be a blog post, I realized that it should be. People need to know how important the WHY in our lives is. If you don’t know what your WHY is, I encourage […]

Professionalism: How To Earn It

blogging professionalism

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  The problem with mom bloggers is mom bloggers    As long as there have been *mom bloggers who yearn to be regarded as professionals, there have been bloggers who act anything but professional. Oddly enough, a large percentage of them are one in the same. I’m […]

Social Media Moms Weekly Roundup

featured mom 2

We are already half way through January. Can you believe it? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, as is the 100th Day of School! The kids are finally done with winter break (thank God) and we moms can sit down in peace at our laptops to offer up some awesome ideas, fabulous fashion, yummy […]

Social Media Mom: Jenny Ford

jenny ford

 Sticky Sweet  Meet Social Media Mom, Jenny. This lovely lady is a sugar crazed, Denver lovin’, serial entrepreneur. When Jenny isn’t baking and writing about divine desserts, she’s wrangling her three little monkeys and being the wife of one hot man…literally (he’s a firefighter.) In fact, I’m now going to have “Pour Some Sugar On […]

Social Media Goals for 2013

happy new year 2013

We live in an age where being social has a whole new meaning. It is ever expanding and ever evolving. At times, I feel like there is no way to keep up with it all. This is why it is important to set specific social media goals for ourselves. Setting social media goals will help […]